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Ines Pinto

The days went on and on, like the cherries we ate on that balmy spring brightening our work hours. The mornings quickly turned to afternoons and the nights were just a preamble for the sunrise. Entertained and spellbound by what surrounded us, we decorated the white walls of our home turning them into a mural for our inspiration. The cotton fields, the sea painted in oil at 3am, the writings of someone who went to the world’s end and back. Symbols of an ideal we want to achieve.

From the mystic melodies of Beach House to the instrumental songs of Deru, the same records played on the turntable without us ever complaining. This happened until night, until the hours of rest, when the false yellow lights beaming from the computers gave place to whispered conversations, Patti Smith books and Jacques Tati movies.

There were days when we woke up at 4am to shoot the full moon reflected on the water and feel the cold sand beneath our feet before the summer arrived. There were nights when we didn’t stop writing until 2am, until our eyes begged for rest but our hearts hungered for work.

NEVOAZUL has been called Névoa Azul and before that only Azul. The ideas were developing, the names were changing, and the content was born. Minimalism has lost its purity as it was mixed with art. Consumption has teamed-up with literature and sustainability with culture to create a future better than the present.

So we chose to make a difference and surrender to the arts. We drew the moon surface on a sheet of paper and left the black charcoal remnants on the floor for history. We wrote about ancestral restoration techniques, praised impermanence and chatted with those who found equilibrium in simplicity.

NEVOAZUL’s beginning could not have been better.