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Nature, photography and wildlife

Ines Pinto

Hot summer, sea and sun. Crowded beaches, bikinis in the sand. But old habits die hard and all we want is the quietness of the countryside, the grandeur of the mountains and the WILDLIFE PORTUGAL programs that allow us to spend the day shooting, walking and admiring the natural world in all its splendor.

WILDLIFE PORTUGAL allows us to create a connection with nature and the animals that inhabit it, through the development of activities based on nature tourism and wildlife photography on the National Network of Protected Areas, mainly in the natural parks of Serra da Estrela, Douro International, Tejo International, and others. 

Some of the suggested activities include bird watching, hiking tours and wildlife photography, mainly through the use of hides at Faia Brava’s Reserve. WILDLIFE PORTUGAL is a Nature Tourism certified business and it is supported by Rewilding Europe, an European foundation whose mission is to create more areas for wildlife and promote Nature Tourism. 

Each tour is an eulogy to the beauty of nature and an opportunity to meet the wildlife in their natural environment.