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RAELA Interview

Ines Pinto


Raela is a Wellness Eco Fashion label designed for the modern woman and her journey of self-discovery. What was the inspiration behind the brand?

It was an observation of what is really happening now, whereby women are juggling a lot from work to kids and other chores. Thus the wellness movement is growing rapidly to counter the stress and to help women gain more balance. Raela was born to cater to their need for effortless yet stylish clothes that takes them through the day even to their pilates / yoga class. 

When we talk about Fashion, it’s hard not to think about the social and environmental impact of the traditional supply chain. Do you believe that Raela can be a force for good in the world of fashion?

The use of eco materials made in Germany that engages close loop processes and not over-designing or over-producing are some ways Raela tries to affect a little positive change. Also key styles are fairly made in Italy in limited quantities and designed for singular seasons that can be interplayed to create different looks. This is a concept to counteract excessiveness and novelty that are wasteful. 

Raela clothes are made with premium natural materials like Tencel, a fabric made with eucalyptus bers. Why have you chosen this unique fabric in your collections?

It’s exciting to learn that the fabric is 100% bio-degradable and the non-toxic solvent used in production is recycled by almost 100%. Also I started to have a slight skin allegy from wearing plastic/synthetic clothes about a year ago, that led me to look for a solution. Tencel was the answer as cotton/bamboo though quite skin-friendly, their fiber productions are not so sustainable with the use of toxic chemicals and pesticides.

Winds & Waves, your 1st collection, has quality timeless styles that feel like a second skin. Do you think it’s necessary to educate the younger generations to buy less but better?

Yes. I feel it is important to at least create awareness that the speed and lost value of clothes from fast fashion has created a vicious impact that harms the environment, and this unhealthy consuming habit brings long-term consequences. It’s more challenging to influence the youths to be onboard this idea as they are more trend-driven and less concerned with values behind products.

How can comfort and breathable clothes help us perform better in activities like pilates, yoga, meditation, barre and dance?

All the mentioned activity requires a lot of flexibility with the wide range of movements they encompass. Comfort always allows the wearer to feel at ease that enhances their performance as well as potential to be better.

Rejuvenating body, mind and soul is the brand philosophy. Do you think we should embrace slowness and mindfulness to live a more meaningful life?

Definitely. There are still many people who do not understand that adopting the slow/mindful approach means taking the right amount of time to enjoy doing a certain activity. With the modern pace of life thanks to advanced technology or fast media, many have forgotten to plan some part of their busy day to shift down their gears and focus on their wellbeing. Raela embraces a slower fashion model and its evergreen designs follow a lifestyle or philosophy rather than trends.